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United States
Hello and welcome to my Deviantart page.

for the sake of being Deviant, you may call me Matthew42, but I am also known as:

Bonovoid on (starcraft 2) & steam
and Matthew42 on here...

I am an aspiring author, and a fairly skilled writer, and not a bad gamer either...

I really hope you will enjoy my work and please feel free to comment on what you like.

also thank you for any llama badges/ favs/watches.
Y'all have fun!

Matthew42 out...
As promised here is the small peak into my upcoming fanfiction higurashi the mercenaries in celabration for the kindle release of Higurashi and Umineko no naku koro ni.

please note that this is not the finalized version as various edits will be made before its release, but otherwise enjoy.


Thousands of doors were now opened up in a metaphorical sense,

The question was if his appearance was the only major change in this new world, and if so how will this effect the battle against fate?

Perhaps the changes went as far as Takano no longer was the one behind the curse of Oyashiro-sama as well as her would be murderer it may be a bit of a stretch but experience taught her to never rule out anything that could happen no matter how outlandish.


Whatever the changes she and the others, with the help of this newcomer or not, will defeat fate once again.

Even if time continued to reset everything over she will continue to fight, as long as she had the will to defy fate and took action she would one day defeat her grim destiny and brake herself and everyone else free of the grip of the endless June!

This was not simply going to be a new world…

It was a world that without any doubt will be different from all the others, a world were she and her friends will confront fate and overcome it once and for all…


It was going to be a brave new world.


exciting no?

if there any grammar or spelling errors i made i would greatly appreciate it if you would point them out for me to fix...

thank you for your time and for reading.

Matthew42 out...

UPDATE: I just released the cover art  for the series, check it out if you're interested,
Matthew42 out...

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